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Kids these days, How long have we heard that saying?

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Kids these days..How long have we heard that saying? & when will it change?

“We are not in JR high no mo, we are in high school, I will drag you outside and beat your butt.” Hmm.. the words that I hear in the hallway as I write. First, “no mo” and we are not in JR High should not be used in the same sentence. Second, yelling about how you are going to bring somebody outside and beat their butt, those words should stay in JR high as well.

I often wonder about the state of our world and where it is headed, then I hear statements like that. I am now reassured that unless something changes unless our world starts putting its efforts towards bettering our children instead of making sure they have a violent movie or sports team to watch we will continue to spiral down

I work around high school kids everyday and hear things that blow my mind. For example, “I don’t need to graduate, I’m just gonna have kids and stay at home.” Where do these ideas come from? I realize it is not a new thing but something has got to change before the people of the world become sucked into believing there is nothing this world can offer them besides social media likes, babies, & welfare.

This all starts at home and in the schools. So parents and educators don’t let these kids get away with believing violence is the answer. Don’t let them superglue their hands to their cell phones. Give them hope, figure out their dreams and help them to achieve them. Sometimes they just need someone to believe in them.

So that is my short rant on that, I could go on for days. But, seeing as I had not planned to even get into that today I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Give me your opinion on it all…


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